Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Yeah it passed a few days ago but nevertheless was a pretty good one...
I had class on that freaking day!!! (Yes, lectures on sunday) and well then some nosy relatives came by and take more time away (chinese new year... ish)...Finally I had dinner at Tony Roma's with my entire family and a left over heart-shaped Valentines Day cake from Baskin Robins (and they lied... I wanted chocolate, not cotton candy)
Ribs... Yum... Too bad no pork ribs here...
After all the scrumptuos "makan-makan" I left my folks for 2 pretty ladies for minum-minum but they made me wait at San Francisco Coffee for a hour alone with a bitter cup of Cable Car and they were about to chase me out.
Yeah, enough complaining... I actually had fun especially the sms-es I got... from people I have not spoken for ages to distant friends... And yeah, it kinda sucks when you thought that your best friend forgotten about you until you realise the best is always saved for the last...
Love you Angel !
My Pressies
Animal wallet courtesy of Angel and Gary!!!

A surprise during mamak, I got something for my lips... Now I know what you have always been staring at Ry... Thanks