Monday, February 8, 2010

Taste of the Forbidden Fruit

John saw this video on Youtube and asked me to watch it. It poses much concern that we, Asian men, face as we live our challenging lives as gay men. The video place Asian men in the light of being in someway prejudiced by how the gay society views us as and what struggles we share. While it is comforting that what they go through are issues I am very much akin to, there are things mentioned that kept me pondering, rather, worried.

Unashamed, John and I are separated by a big age gap. We fit into what is known as the whole 'Sugar Daddy meet Toy Boy' mold perfectly. We sat in Starbucks just the other sharing our views and concerns, figuring out if we fit each other while fearing if this is some sick relationship that spun out of the fact that we are just like what was mentioned in the video.

However, we do come to the conclusion that we don't fall into the whole mature men preying on the young and defenseless. Heck, bashfully I must admit that I was the predator and not the prey when it came to how we met. If I was into money, I doubt I would be jealous about other boys and I doubt I would be in for the trouble of driving to his house to surprise him with birthday parties and stuff and buying him very expensive (to my standards) christmas presents. While I honestly believe the same applies to him as he has been very affectionate and he does put up a lot for me, pouring out not just money but time and patience knowing the Drama Mama in me.

Like any couple, we must remind ourselves we are different from that stereo-typical couple though the question that prevails continue to plague us... "Could two seemingly different people, in terms of finances, age and ethnicity could genuinely be attracted to the other person... or is he attracted to his contradictions?"

It is a journey we are embarking on but I strongly believe it is to the former, not the latter. Alas, only destiny holds the key to that of what we think, or assume as our lil conundrum.