Monday, February 2, 2009

Sex and The City?

Well, since CNY can be a rather boring time with relatives updating each other on the events that occurred in their respective lives and extremely ingenuine concerns towards each other. I, on the hand, found it great that my Ipod Converter is able to convert DVDs into my Ipod and so I took this opportunity to get my entire collection of Sex and The City so I could finish it by the time CNY is over... (which "queer" who has a "straight" mind would do that right

I had always been a big fan of this series and I bought the entire series in China but never had the decent time to watch it... As I watched, I came upon an episode where Carrie asked the questiion, "How much sex is too much sex?" It suddenly dawned upon me. When I was 17, I had this conservative mind of not sleeping around and be monogamous and think that the world is made out of cotton candy and tied up by ribbons...

Then I realised... as I tried to count my many experiences, I suddenly realised that I would now require my toes to do the math! BOOM!!! Samantha Jones face smacked right in front of me. Oh no... I thought... Am I turning into her, I asked but is it normal anyway?

Is it normal to be sexually active? Is it okay to sleep around? and how much sex do you need before you are entitled to the title whore?
Yes... I know... Chinese New Year and I could only think about sex!!!
But it is an interesting question isn't it? Men are built for sex and if I am single, don't I have every right to enjoy my freedom? But what I discovered was that I would never look at sex as being one of those intimate moments you spend with a bf rather, a past time used to keep my "horniness" at bay! Besides, there is the whole health issue which kicks in where it would be a concern every time a condom breaks or something of that sort would occur (FYI, yours truly does not practice such unhealthy acts to the extent of not even doing it one hor!)

I love sex if you were to ask me and yes, I love being passionate in bed but will you call me a whore just because I slept with another guy for kicks??? I suppose for now, I could only blame my hormones which is raging like wild horses in my (sexy) body! But sex is fun and liberating... and yes... Abstinence, to me... solves no problem! And how about you? Yes the one reading this and now having his mind miles away into those few (or plentiful) experiences... Do you think I am a slut???