Friday, October 3, 2008

It's a disaster...

Well, before we move on with this weeks recap on ANTM, it is pretty disastorous having a crappy stomach after having one too many rendang and laksa for raya. However, Raya has been one of the best yet as i got to visit Sam's house and got to play with the loveable Furball and boy, is his brother cute. 3 yr old Shane can get you laughing to bits and the best part was when he passed me the X-box controler instead of Sam. Then, I had several.. yes several detours to get out of where Sam lived. I think I wasted so much petrol I didn't dare to look at the metre.

Enough of my raya delights. Today, I paid a visit to Gayvillion or better known as Pavilion for a movie while my dear brother attended a classmate's birthday party. Mind you, these kids are 12 and they already started to have birthdays at Red Box Pavillion. What on earth is happening today? So me and my sis decided that it is time to watch Mamma Mia. With the less positive reviews going around, I didn't think it would turn out good but to our surprise, we found ourselves giggling and singging to some of those well loved tunes. Yes, Mum and Dad has always filled our days in the car with good ol' Abba tracks and it didn't seem foreign to us anyway. But what really turned it on, literally, were the boys in the show. I mean putting how hot Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan looks during the end with the whole water squirting and shirt stripping going on, the extras look super damn hot...

Love em, don't you?

See what I mean?

Ok... it's time to get down to business...
This week the gurls are sent to the oddest challenge ever...
They have to stuff their clothes with all sorts to make the clothes they wear marketable.
Folks, this shows that clothes sold today are not what they seem...
Then there was drama about Marjorie's self confidence... Hell, give the girl a break! She didn't know better as thats how she is brought up and stop harrassing her over it.
So we come this week photoshoot. even stranger things... LA disasters...

Samantha, the Fierce Tidal Wave

MrG: Finally. Sudah naik pangkat boleh dapat gambar dalam TV. Yes. I have to admit it's fierce but that attitude gurl... you gots to watch it...

Analeigh, the Wild Gushed Wind

MrG: Second 2 weeks in a row. Not bad. Me likey the picture.

McKey, the Melted Heatwave

MrG: I must say, does look a little sleepy but HOT!!!

Elina, the Earthquake Stomper

MrG: Very Comic feel... Very Topshop.

Marjorie, the Traffic Jam Barbie
MrG: OMG. How can I not love your pictures... Causes a jam I say.
Lauren Brie, The Cheesy Snowstorm

MrG: OOOooo... Girl... you look a little not too fierce honey here...

Sheena, the Sandstorm Mistress

MrG: Man, why is she down here so low? She did a not Hoochie job. But the outfit was hideous.

Joslyn, the Rock Slide Going Down

MrG: Sliding lower and lower... I think you look so lost honey. The picture finally look like herself now though.

Clark, the Blackout that Went Out of Spark

MrG: Bye Bye! No more drag Queen

Oh before I go... Check out this video I terserempak of Sheena...