Monday, March 2, 2009

The Last Day of the Month

It's a lovely Saturday I must say as I am glad it happened the way it did. Today was initially planned with a morning visit to Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah with some friends then meet up this guy for coffee (apparently he finds me hot) and the final performance at Bangsar Actor's Studio. Thats it...

But what turned out to be was so much more different from what I have in mind...

So what happened was that I woke up kinda early in preparation for my visit to the Children's home but my mum and I chatted a lil more that I have turned up late to the station where I am supposed to meet my friends. I rushed and I reached a half an hour later. Since the journey to Kelana Jaya from Pasar Seni would take half an hour or so, I chatted with my friends about my performance at BSC and as I was talking on and on... An sms arrived where my friend who was supposed to come watch me perform that night got into an accident in the bathroom where he fainted and hit his head. Needless to say, he won't be coming so with the two free illusive tickets, I offered to my friends who were with me at that time. They were still unsure as they were thinking about going or not...

Leaving that for continuation later, we arrived at the home and what was set before us were children all with different sort of diseases and conditions that has garnered them the name Cacat (Handicapped) ranging from babies to adults. The home has around less than a 100 occupants and all have either cerebal palsy or down syndrome or blinded since birth and such.

A few of them actually came to my college last year and they recalled my name as well. I met a few new ones as well. One that caught my attention was a boy who was tied to a baby car seat. He could only reach out his hand and pulled me to sit with him. He couldn't communicate but all he wants is me to pat his head or place my palm on his ear. I have no idea what he wants but I would think that all he wants is just a touch from someone and that made me think. How can parents abandon their children there just like that. I am not judging and I admit that if ever I have a child like that, I am clueless if I may do the same thing but all I am saying that if I could feel for them, why can't their parents. What I keep wondering is what goes through the mind of all these children. They are clueless about the world but do they actually know what is going on outside but just that their soul could not communicate to the world at large?

So after the trip, we left for college and I have not heard from my supposed date. I suppose he lost interest in me since I sounded pushy all morning for a confirmation. Well, I couldn't be too bothered so I called up my best friend, Angel and we went out for coffee and we ended up with a good time chatting with each other. I was rather thankful that I did not meet the guy instead I got to chat (not gossip) with Angel about plans of travelling together and about musicals and stuff we love.

We left Mid Valley and my friends called me up and said that they wanted to come to watch the show after all but with two tickets, it meant that I could accomodate 2 person but they told me a6 of them would be coming. I ended up getting 1 extra ticket and the rest of them had to sit on the stairs (since that is the normal style in Actor's Studio). I was glad the girls (all 6 of them from college) came as for a few of them, this is the first time they entered a theater and they laughed their way through the comedy and enjoyed the other performances. They were glad they came too they witnessed Actor's Studio Bangsar's very last performance.

Talking about performance, we gave our very best with our last show and when we sang our last song, What I did For Love, most of us could not hold the tears in our eyes as we realised it was our last time on that very stage and that left the crowd in tears as well.

Gone... Love is never gone...

I ended my day with friends for supper and I thought to myself, so many things did not materialise but better things came a long. Is this God's way of telling me that when things didn't happen the way I planned it, is it really for the better?

PS: I also knocked into SAM, AJ and NICK... coincidence????

Oh, and some pictures I took from our performance... as well as others la!

Posing Before Show

Douglas Lim

The Three Bujang Lapoks from my choir...

Lee Swee Keong

Sutra Dancers...

Joe Hasham and Faridah Merican... the ones who started it all!