Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You Wanna Talk About Consumerism With Me Bitch?

The last few days were nothing but busy for me as I unwillingly worked past the three gruelling days at the travel fair. Working at such fairs, you get to see people of all shapes and sizes, you see the cute and the very uncute guys as well as a budding trend of sugar daddies and also very gay/bi boyfriends who brought their very blur girlfriends... However, all of them have one thing in common. Since the standard of expectation by travellers from Malaysia are demandingly high and with most of them unwilling to pay even an extra single ringgit (not even dollar), there is only one word to describe them... CHEAP!

In the midst of all the visitors, we find an alarming growth of people who, are capable of displaying disturbing behaviour during the purchase...

Specimen 1.
Stats: good looking, 6 foot guy with braces. Brought extremely ugly girlfriend (Yes, I exaggerated but if I were straight I wouldn't have dated her as well!)

S1: How mush is the price to Taipei?
Eve (Our staff): RMXXX
S1: How come this price? Can reduce?
Eve: Its promo price (such a dimwit)
S1:Ok I cum bek!

(Moments later)

S1: How much to Taipei?
Amie (Another staff): RMXXY
S1:Why different?
Just now is RMXXX now RM XXY?

(argue, argue, argue.... Until aunt came to handle him)

S1: How come prices are so different? You quote me twice and different price?
Aunt: No... The taxes for air tickets fluctuate based on currency... Eve quoted you based on yesterday's tax price while Amie checked the most recent...

(Then made big hoo-haa about us not being professional and all...)

A: We all make mistakes, we can't be going round updating it every moment of the day now can we? It is stated that airport taxes are subjected to change. When we issue the ticket is when we can give you the actual price to pay. The ticket fare however remains the same.
S1: No la... I think you all are cheaters...

(sheepishly he asks...)

S1: So is it because of colour?
Aunt: Sir, are you discriminating? (This dimwit is Chinese and so are all who is involved)
S1: Nola, just joking (at this point GF is glaring at him...)
Aunt: But I like it, you see, we all make mistakes... We are not perfect, we try to make up for our inadequacy but at the end, we just wanna have a chance to change things and make it right. We quoted you one price but we always rectify when we check with the system. At the fair with the crowd asking at random, we must find a quick way of disseminating information. You will get the actual price at the end when you place a booking...
(Shied into his seat)

Oh, and you wanna know how much the difference between RMXXX and RMXXY?


Specimen 2
Stats: Mid 40s. Woman. Ugly as hell and has the worst hairstyle! Brought son (I damn kesian him for having this mother

S2: Ok. Now i want to book. (All the tickets are booked and as I was about to collect payment from her...) eh, I wanna see your terms and conditions first! (Reads the terms...Crazy? I don't think crazy fits but manic... probably)

She finally paid but
S2: I wanna see your credit card machine! (WTF? You think I have some gadget to cheat her off her money is it
After the transaction
S2: Got free gift?
Me: Yes, you can visit the tourism board of XXX to collect your free travel bag.

5 Minutes later...

S2: No more bags... They ran out of stock... (And what you want me to do?)
Me: Sorry, but we can't do anything
S2: Your company give me travel bag la...
Me: Our company don't give out travel bags. If you are not satisfied, you can complain to the tourism board.
S2: But I bought the tour from you... you must give me...Its not fair... (What you thinking woman...)
Me: But it is while stocks last madam.
S2: I want to cancel. I don't want to go.
Me: All for the fact that there is no free gift?
S2: You cheated me.
Me: (Pissed and damn stern) Please watch what you are saying here. I didn't cheat you. The bags ran out and this applies to everyone who bought a tour to XXX. You came here to buy a tour... (Not to get free gift!)
(Son pulls her off and apologised...)

At 9pm, she called me on my cell...
S2: I want to cancel my tour. I want my money back.
Me: Can. But your deposit will be forfeited.
S2: How can... I didn't travel and it's only a few hours (She thinks got time limit to cancel)
Me: Once I made your booking, the airlines receives it and would block your seat already. Once they confirmed your seat just now, they will charge no matter what.
S2: I call the Consumer court, they say can...
Me: Trust me Madam, we have so many cases there and most of it, we won, stop wasting time.
S2: How can... I don't care... I don't want to travel.
Me: But when you made your booking, you even read the terms and conditions and signed the form...
S2: I don't wanna argue anymore...

Such a bitch I tell you... These people are those who are making this business to be so "Cheap"!
Huh... Can't wait till the day I don't have to help out anymore... Argghhhh....