Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, today happens to be my birthday... Well, only according to the Chinese calender anyway. I am born on the ninth day of chinese new year back in the days but my actual birthday is not until two weeks time. What happened was, I was wondering how should I celebrate my birthday this year. Should I go out with friends and have a good time? Or should I spend it alone?

Looking back on my previous years... I have had a birthday party when I turned 21 with just family and friends having some of the best beef in shabu-shabu style! Nothing special happened though... some didn't even turn up with presents... They all think its a party only! When I turned 20 I booked a room at Redbox and paid for my friends. Guess what, I forgot to buy my own cake... and I thought they would bring one for me... How silly... The thing is, I have attended many surprise birthday parties and well, surprisingly, no one wants to plan one for me... Does this prove I do not have enough friends or rather, ones who are close enough who wants to make the only day I have the right to be happy, be happy?

Ahh... but such were the thoughts of a young teenager... now, I have outgrown it (I am old di la!!!) and I no longer long for such surprise birthday parties and stuff. Its fun I know, but the time has come that my birthday should reflect something else than just birthday cakes, presents and such...

But this remains, what should I do for my birthday?