Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Curious Case of Going For Benjamin Button Alone!

Yes, sad I know but what can I do on a weekday, it is not like everyone is as free as I am.
I have wanted to watch it since it came out but never gotten the chance so as I recalled and decided to watch it today, I asked a few close friends but none seemed to be able to go or they have watched it so I picked up my beans and went for it. (Though it must be noted that this is not my first time watching a movie alone so no biggie...sobs...sobs...)

So I ended up in cinema 17 alone with popcorn on one hand and a cup of coke in the other, strolling in alone while other movie goers stared attentively.(I believe some are whispering "eh not bad looking but why come alone one?") But who cares, I came for one person, Benjamin (Yeah right! Brad bitch)

The movie as expected was a fairly good movie and it jerked a few teardrops out of me (not like the lady behind me who had her pipes turned on full blast!) but I love the story that tells you that life is a journey with two ends, and what does it matter which end does it start from because our lives would peak at the same time but when it ends, we end up in diapers anyway, as Cate Blanchett says. I felt inspired each time I watch movies like that. they teach you that love is unconditional. Love is unselfish and love can be unending... But lets not get all mushy here...

I am particularly impressed with the make-up (no wonder the Academy Award for that) where Brad looks really old and even Tilda Swinton who played Elizabeth Abbott, her make up looks pretty convincing not to mention Cate Blanchett's ultra superb make up when she was putting on her clothes when she met Brad again when she had a teenage daughter.

Favourite scene? Must be the part when Brad looked into the mirror and told Cate he wants to remember how they looked liek together... How hopelessly romantic I am right? I know...

Though it got a lil draggy in parts but when Brad turned into the dashing 40+ man, gosh, I think everyone must have gotten a hard-on seeing how delish he could still be!

He is supposed to be mine bitch!

Oh and before I forget...

... Goodnight Brad
...Goodnight People!!!