Monday, November 17, 2008

So are you gay?

Come on!
Its not rare that we all get this question.
Not only do we get the gaydar but many straight women do too...
These straight people would hide in corners, putting forth charts and will go into deep discussion about who is gay and all.
So I was posed this question many time before and i have learned the skill to brush it off, even when it comes to the point I was asked again...

Tam: Eh, so are you gay?
G-log: Waht you think?
Tam: I dunno, thats why I ask you mah!
G-log: Hmmm....

(Diverts to something then a few minutes later...)

Tam: So you haven't tell me, are you gay?
G-log: Well, do I look that obvious to you?
Tam: A little lor, but not like ^%$^$ who is constantly like that hor and....

See? I didn't answer the question at all!
But when I was posed with it, to certain people I am close with, I actually answer them truthfully but along the journey I have experienced being hurt with homofobics as well. they ewwwed and hated me for it.. I was told that I am stupid for letting some of them know what lies behind my veil. So I decided that not everyone has the privilege to know about it.

And I even had fun with friends who would be cool that I am gay and we would be talking about which gal is hot whoich would divert into a conversation of which guy is hot. for a moment there, it made me felt like I was in one of those guy talks that, I realised, I never had with my straight friends. So what am I saying here? I dunno, I guess that there are all these people who would make fun of way, while some encouraging and yes, some who are blatantly out to get you, it just makes the world round and for us to now put on some scanners instead of looking at the world in rose tinted glasses...