Friday, May 30, 2008

And there it goes...

With the recent Sichuan earthquake, it bothers me so much that everyone is collecting funds to be sent to China. Well, I am not saying that all these good deeds are not to be encouraged but I have collectively given out more than my weekly expenses but what am I ranting about you may ask.

Well, I was asked to go for a charity dinner tonight at some Chinese restaurant by my parents and so I have no choice but to comply, only to realise non of us were even prepared to what was set before us.

We entered the restaurant welcomed by loud music blasting out of the stereos and we have to bear with all these little girl bands (a very hit fad amongst young Chinese ed children) and sang songs which seem to be of some very Chinese sounding nursery rhymes while some others sang covers. It reminded me of those awful Chinese dinners. Then there were dancers obviously from dancing societies tried to do a Jive, a Cha Cha and a Rhumba but the awful sight of a man who cannot sway right and it looked so stiff it needs grease!

The worst part was the auction where they auctioned everyday products ranging from washing machines to cognac. I was appalled by the rowdy response as though this was a competition amongst the crowd.

The day ended with loads of laughter, booze and a man (apparently some dato) making a bid of RM15,000 to sing a song that got me laughing into fits as he was basically reading the words of the song throughout without any sense of melody. I just wished someone told him it made a fool out of himself.

This is as close as it sounds tonight!!!

Paying a ton already to attend this ever-so-reluctant event, we found out that these people were not there to mourn and grief for the losses of those in china rather made it into some social event that seemed to disrespect those who have lost the lives of the family and friends. It was as though they were trying to take the opportunity of such disasters and make it an avenue to earn an extra buck. I felt sorry for those in need and if we really accumulate everything and pay off the cost, how much would be left to send into China?

Is this charity or is this a sham?

A moment of silence for all those who have suffer great loss. Amen.