Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dancing With the Stars Season 7; Night Two

We bid farewell to the lovely Edyta Śliwińska as she left the ballroom first with erm... the not so great Jeffrey Ross. However, there is one more to boot tomorrow but at the moment...

Check these great clips...

Rocco Dispirito is one sexy guy and damn he is hot... And who said that his hips were stiff, they sway like jell-o and hell... Hips don't lie, do they?

But the best dance of the night was... Brooke Burke... Two nights in a row being the top, we will have her company for a while...

Though Mark and Kim were not the brightest stars that night wityh the second lowest score but Mark and his unbuttoned shirt with those moves... Man you can move like that on my side of the turf...

Dancing With the Stars Season 7; Night One

Yes it is back again.
It was a lovely performance on the first night with the highest score of 23 by the lovely Brooke Burke who was the host on my all time favourite reality show, Rockstar INXS and Rockstar Supernova. she partnered Derek Hough and I am no fan of his but well they did a pretty good job.

This season has some very interestingly hot guys.
We have to just welcome back Maksim Chmerkovskiy who is partering Misty May-Treanor, a two time volleyball world champion.

I adore my... yes my Mark Ballas who is now partnering the bimbo-ish Kim Kardashian.

Ahhh, then there is Alec Mazo who is super hot with the seductive Toni Braxton.

Rocco DiSpirito is one guy who looks like the kinda guy I will fall for. Someone who can cook his way into my heart. With him is the broken hearted ex was to be Mrs Mario, Karina Smirnoff

Who wouldn't love the twinkie, Cody Linley and being so jock when he talks about his partner, Julianne Hough

Last but not least to be on my support list is... Lance Bass, the only openly gay member of 'N Sync and with him, a newbie, Lacey Schwimmer.

Watch out for tomorrow night's update on who was kicked out before they perform their second number in which is a new edition to the show...