Friday, March 6, 2009

And the Top 12... Opps13 is...

With a lil twist towards the end, we now have 13 contestants for the very first time on American Idol! The lucky 4 who made it pass Wildcard was Jasmine, Matt, Megan and Anoop. I wanted Ricky and/or Jesse instead of Jasmine but pahh...she wont last.

American Idol... Lack of Talent or Lack of Spark?

I have been a fan of American Idol since Starworld brought it in when it launched Season 3 and Is wore to myself I would join it (someday) but the selection of talent this year, as compared to the last has mellowed down. We don't see the fierce competition like last year and talents from the semifinals are picking the wrong songs all the time to the point where it is so easy to guess as to who will secure the 3 spots into the finals each week.

I cannot deny some of them are really talented but unlike Season 7, you could even recall someone from semifinals... (yes, he has tight pants...) but the thing is, I don't only watch out for talents, I also check out the cuties and yes, one has already gotten into the finals. I must add however, the good looking boys have all evaded the competition this year. None has Michael Johns charm nor David Archuleta's cutie pie look... Performance wise, no one has moments in the competition like Latoya London or Clay Aiken or even David Archuleta (Yes, I still hearts him)

However, I was glad that the judges picked a really talented bunch of guys and gals for the wildcard show and I hope they pull through!

Presenting the wildcards...

Jesse Langseth (Love her reindition of Bette Davis Eyes and her bluesy voice)

Jasmine Murray

Anoop Desai

Ricky Braddy (So cute and he likes tight pants...yummy)

Tatiane Nicole Del Toro (Drama Mama)

Von Smith (He sings a bit like me you know?...Hahahahaha)

Megan Joy Corkrey (Love her)

Matt Giraud (Hope he gets in cos he has a really blue voice that I like!)

I really hope Matt, Megan and Ricky gets it cos I really think they make great competition... ok Ricky (Cos I have a week or two more to lust over him) but I think Anoop and Jesse are really great talents too... while Von, I might think he makes a good finalist too!

And the finalists thus far...

Alexis Grace

Danny Gokey

Michael Sarver

Kris Allen

Allison Iraheta

Adam Lambert (Love this guy... great voice, kinda cute and from "Wicked")

Lil Rounds (What a name?)

Jorge Nuñez

Scott MacIntyre