Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

No, it ain't about Pee Pee or poo!!! Its Pay Per Post!!!
(yeah sound like Paper Post)

Its a new site thanks to Sam Nass's blog who got me into this site...
Since I love to write, not much but enough, I thought it would be cool to try this as it pays!!!

So I would love you guys to try it out! It is pretty easy actually... (even my 12 year old brother could do it)

Just go to the website below and just sign up and start writing. If you have seen how Sam has his new credits, he spend it on a cool CD and as for me, I am so gonna activate my Itunes since I don't own a credit card and its a fun way to spend time online... Not just surfing on youtube unend or blog hopping but making use of my blog to bring much more than gossips and hunks...

At least now I have an excuse to be online blogging more... Mummy won't nag that much anymore!!!! Okay I hate to sound all corny but I can't wait to try this blog ads thingy out and start online shopping!!!! Its really a win win situation!!! For those of you out there dying to get that thing you have so desired online, what are you waiting for?

So it is really up to you to begin earning some honest bucks online...