Friday, September 19, 2008

Suit Up Girls...

Ladies... and gentlemen.
Welcome back to another session with yours truly, MrG.
aha... Holler ya'll...
Ok this week we witnessed a fabulous episode of what ya'll?
(screams America's Next Top Model)
Back at you...
Now now, lets all look into the gist of this episode. I must say, this is creative that make over is not revealed and the whole Snow White and all. I adore Jay's Mr Couture look. and boy please don't tell me you smooched Princess Tyra. I thought you ain't gonna snog no pretty lady. Now now, lets all get into the beautiful make overs shall we?

Well well, I must say Neil George saloon did a fantabulous job...

And with the presence of the Nice Fierce-Tyra-Witch, put an end to all their predicaments of being too Catalog and turned them all into fierce creatures of the flashy modelling world.

First stop we have the gal with the quiet confidence, Les Marjorie. Spotting a chestnut brown I must say, it's simply... breath taking.

"OMG I am ready to do what you are gonna do." Joslynn.

Well, I can't wait for you to stop squeaking miss lady but your make over is like a little too blown over with that expression cos the weave is all we see...

Why cry Samantha? Cos you suddenly got so freaking fierce?
Well, there is reason to cry for celebration that you no longer look dumb blond but very high fashion sorta dumb blond...

Sheena darling, you are so Kimora Lee Simmons fabulous with the new highlights and you look mighty fine...

McKey looks so strong and so masculine with a touch of edge and femininity. Wow. such contradiction cooking up true beauty.

Isis is so much more womanly... if I may use that word with the weave but i think she has a long way to go. Deep down I still see... erm... a dude.

With eyes like Lauren Brie, blond is the only way but now she went platinum.

Poor Elina. She broke down thinking that she will look stupid but actually her hair is so... so... weird? I know, I know. It's a first and she could work it but with long black hair, she would look very ethereal and that's what I see in her more. Yet, she is still able to work it and I finally realise she looked a little bit like Annie as in the annoying girl who keeps singing..."Tomorrow, Tomorrow..."

Oh dear Hannah... Well, that hair is so not suited for that cutey miss Cherie pie personality but oh well, you are so uglified and now, its time for some couture...

Analeigh had lighter coloured hair but still it doesn't bring out too much in her. I am still hesitant to say much about her. Still she is very pretty...

Brittany. My my, you look nothing like you did before... Just a lil bit more here and there... Well, nothing drastic on her thats all...

Clark, Clark. You look exactly like some drag queen in pictures and now, with the hair, you look so much more draggish...

And so the challenge came for the girls to use Cover Girl make up and then in 30 seconds present it as if you are doing an ad for it. Guess who won? Hannah... Oh well, I think Samantha and Isis did pretty well too but eeekkk to Analeigh cos she has that yo thing going on and why has no one used to coveted line of "Easy, Breezy,Beautiful, Cover Girl"?

And then there is the photoshoot. Ahhh... such a giveaway. Suit up for top model? i mean Tyra dear, you can think of something more out of the box can't you my dear?
So there they go doing the photoshoot and lets see if the girls have a splashingly wonderful shoot.

MrG: I must say that she has something special in her that makes her look amazing in pictures and that sparkle in her eye that brings her to life...

Lauren Brie

MrG: I have to say she has lost me in the first week but she is one to watch as she comes like a tidal wave. Ms thing, you are hot.


MrG: Oooo... I am not a fan of her first two pictures as she looks clumsy in last weeks shot and the first week a little distorted but here I see true beauty. Love it.


MrG: Me likey. Her eyes sort of speak to me and I can be drawn into her just by looking at her face.


MrG: I must say, I am biased as she is Asian and so am I (proud of it) so I think she did a mighty good job with this shot not looking hoochie but honey, something wrong with the eyes. Can look downa little and make you look more serene.


MrG: Ok. Finally a picture that looks like some Auntie but her body is fine girl... Need to have better dressing in the future.


MrG: she looks like in some rich villainous guy's house and James Bond walked right in and she looked at him this way. Ahhh... Lovely.


MrG: Me no likey drag. Me no like your nose. Me no like your hair. Me no like you!


MrG: Is it the way you look or the way you stand or the way you have been formed that I still don't get you in so many ways. I wanna root for you but baby. You gotta try harder to be a woman. Just shots of hormones and boobies won't make a difference. But still, you did look more feminine with the hair.


MrG: Erm. The hair seemed to make you look very weird in a way. You look like so covered and the worst thing is that your face has not in any week found the light.


MrG: Hmmm... girl, you need to work hard cos we have not seen any good pose from you no doubt you are sweet and all... Work hard darling.


MrG: Sorry but you have just got yourself a ticket to ride the waves... Waving goodbye to you as you pack your bags and go home. Nothing special. Not couture nor high fashion...

So that concludes this weeks report. This is the lovely and fabulous MrG signing off... oh and remember, stay fabulous!


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