Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I need Shelter

After reading Ernie's blog about the movie Shelter I instantly fell in love with this movie. The storyline is nothing fancy, a classic story about commitments to your family, your dreams, your responsibility and most of all, your responsibility to love. Very my kind of fairytale. I have it in my ipod and I watched my favourite clip this morning.

I had never been a fan of queer flicks nor gay TV series such as QAF as i am pretty irked out on the vulgarity and the very "porn-ish" kinda stuff they put in but this movie was just so lovey-dovey with a pretty minimal sorta exposure and they beautifully placed in scenes of the courtship along the beautiful song "Lie to Me" by Shane Mack. I totally was immersed into this song and it has been playing on my ipod ever since.

As for the two actors, Trevor Wright and Brad Rowe are just too tasty to ignore. Well, Trevor plays Zach, a poor kid who has the weight of the world on his shoulders. And then comes Brad who plays Shaun, who is Zach's best friend's older brother who popped into town after a break up. They met and fell in love. The movie depicts Zach as the confused, needy one while Shaun plays the guy who is easy going and just never stop surprising Zach. The two have so much chemistry yet both, I suspect are straight guys. Gosh, even the kissing scenes were just so intimate, it really made me want to fall in love... Hmmm.... Yes yes, i am a sucker for romance. I just hate it that guys like Shaun

My verdict is that it would be a great movie for lovely couples out there to snuggle up on the couch and watch this flick and later have some hot sex or for single, lonely guys to be reminded that there is hope... the later find someone to have a kiss or a hug or two...

Oh oh... favourite scene? Well, there is the Lie to Me clips but another scene that caught my eye was the part where Shaun asked Zach over for steak and to encourage him, asked him to stand up and hugged him for a really long time... So cute...

Ello... Is Destiny there? Where is my Shaun?