Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Morning... No rain is falling!

Well, well, what a wonderful Sunday morning to have it spent at home... Usually by now, I would be scribbling notes frantically in hopes of understanding what my lecturers are talking about!

As revision has ended, except for family law, there are less than 40 days encounting to my first paper (which is coincidentally Family Law). I am so not prepared for this...

Listing down my topics to zoom on...
My list are as follow...

Law of Tort
1. Negligence covering Duty of Care, Breach, Causation & Remoteness
2. Nuisance
3. Rylands v Fletcher
4. Defamation
5. Trespass To Person
6. Consumer Protection Act 1987
7. Psychiatric Illness
8. Occupier's Liability

Law of Trust
1. Formalities
2. Constitution
3. 3 Certainties
4. Constructive Trust
5. Resulting Trust
6. Secret Trust (This is the one where you keep your property on trust for your mistress)

Family Law
1. Nullity (Now includes the new Civil Partnership Act 2004 and Gender Recognition Act 2004)
2. Divorce
3. Financial Provision
4. Domestic Violence (S&M)
5. Child Law
6. Local Authorities

Land Law
1. Freehold covenants
2. Leasehold covenants
3. Adverse Possession
4. Co-Ownership
5. Proprietary Estoppel
6. Licences

Total of 26 Chapters in 40 days... Should I still procrastinate?

Arghhh... giler-ing already! So much to so yet so little time...

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Daniel Henry said...

there shall be one new law. and that is there shall be no law.