Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Bitch.... I hate you!!!

Things in which only seemed natural to say when you hate someone... and yes, I do hate someone and that is someone I have for 4 years deemed to be my best friend

It was one of those days that you have already a crappy day and when u got home to chat on msn with your best friend, she tells you she has some issues with you. The natural consequence of this is that you ask her whats wrong...

Me: Whats wrong

A: You use me and my family... (??? Its like some drama you watch...) You always depend on me for transport and all

Me: Hell... I don't have a car bitch! whats wrong with you?

(After more bickering)

A: You know, that day you and your family went to dinner and you brought me along, I have to pay expensive carpark you know? (Hell whats wrong with you? I belanja you dinner

(and after more spiteful words...)

A: You are damn rich, your family is richer than mine... Bla bla bla... (What??? Since when she has my family account with her... Probably, the richer one is her, not me... I can bet its her BTW

Hell, do best friends even calculate stuffs like that? The best part is this

A: You only give me encouragements, thats all. You never drive me around and all... (Hell if I have a car I would la Bitch

Hence, the moral of the story, there is no such thing as best friends... They are faker than fake and they tell you stuffs that you wanna hear. I couldn't believe she harboured such feelings all these time. I don't need to justify myself as I know where I stand. I learned that its all about money and all your feelings and time and other priceless (or rather costless) things are not important in today's context of friendship.


Sam said...

Sorry to hear bout your best friend, mate. Some friends are just not cut out enough to be friends - and there are others out there who are more cut out to be better friends than them. *hugs*

Takashi said...

yea,. tats true..
friends should never be calculative.. so wat is parking? does a few bucks matter to the friendship?

does dollars and sen matter in a friendship and relationship?

thats why i hate my parents when they ask me to count every sen with my friends.. no wonder they have no friends!

Ernie said...

aiyooo.. apa punya kawan like that! i hate ppl being sooo calculative in a lot of ways.. there are limit to this things..

learn from it.. human are like microsoft products.. some are genuine and some are just fakers!

Darren said...

you know? sometimes all you need to do is give a little assurance. Maybe she think too much already and felt that u r using her.

Of course dollars n cents doesn't count in friendship but if not dealt with properly can lead to poisonous thinking.

Assure her u r not using her, that would suffice. Juz my 2 cents worths...

Fable Frog said...

Hmmmm~ maybe someone talk to her about this matter and she didn't think straight. But whatever, BEST friends shouldn't even be topple by other's opinion~ so... i don't know what to say, really...