Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Quest for Prince Charming: Part 1; The Search

The most wonderful thing in the world is to love...
... and be loved in return!
Christian; Moulin Rouge

If i may say, that should be the best-est quote I have ever read. Moulin Rouge has been one of the best movie written, a mixture of love, lust and music (me likey). And with the words above, I have to conclude that that has been my life's drive. Every morning I wake up and go straight into the bathroom (cos I love waking up late and have my mum hustle me so that she isn't late as well... hence I brush my teeth in the bathroom!!! Eeeeewww...) and as the shower washed me off the dreams (and nightmares), I would hope that today will be the day I find my one, true love...

Ok Ok... Drama all over... No wonder they call me the Drama Queen... King... Whatever...

Its kinda hard to put down in words how you wish that someone to be... I tried hard enough I suppose, yes, I don't visit the gay bars often, heck, I have never even been to one except LQ in the broad daylight!
All this lil boy here has ever done is to visit site after site, yes we are now talking about gay sites, and try my best to filter through the massive amount of gay guys there seeking for either sex, sex or sex?

Face it. I am never gonna find anyone there. But I found a whole lot of interesting guys.
Here are glimpse of what I have found...

Ed: Me!

GG: Gay guy

Scene 1

Ed: Hey there!
GG: Hi
Ed: How are you?
GG: Fine... urself?
Ed: Good.
GG: What you seeking? (Tak boleh tahan your eng-ge-lau-sau ie. english)
Ed: Well... friends or more... you?
GG: Fun. You t/b? Wanna have some fun? My place?

(pengsan... not even 5 mins)

Scene 2

Ed: Hey there...
GG: Harlo (typical china- apek)
Ed: How are you?
GG: Fine.
Ed: so what brings you here?
GG: You.
Ed: Me?
GG: Yes, tonight, 7 pm, my place...

Scene 3
(As observed above, after a few "must say lines" shall be substituted to "...")
Ed: So are you single?
GG: Single but attached
Ed: HAR????

Scene 4
GG: I got gay DVDs, want to buy?

Scene 5
GG: You like to suck?

Scene 6
GG: I think I have just found a reason to come to KL now... I wanna see you

(This guy is 56!)

Gosh... I have been surrounded by sex freaks... Is this how the world operates now? Only driven by orgasm? Where is love? Where is infactuation? Where has MAKING LOVE" gone to?
Haish... Maybe someday, I will find my Prince Charming...


Queer Ranter said...

Welcome to a horny horny world? :)

Jason said...

Kesian... but that's the fact.

Sam said...

To put it bluntly, all rationale went out the window when they saw an available cock.