Sunday, December 7, 2008

The L Word

Lethargic? Lazy?

I have no idea but these days blogging is not on my priority list any longer as I am not sure what good it is to blog anymore. Initially it was because Joery got me into this so called "healthy" way of getting to know people who share my predicament. However, blogging has gotten me into more trouble and a lil bit more tears than expected yet, I must agree I met some lovely people and I see people online as being nothing more than human, filled with err and emotions.

I do question actually who reads my blog. I read a few when I get online and they are often filled with comments, mostly by their friends and fans alike and I must say, bloggers take time to fill their blogs with interesting posts and pictures.

Then it comes to my blog. One that is a pretty stagnant one, one that doesn't seem to be a crowd magnet and seemed to be mostly visited by yours truly.

So why do I blog again?

Don't get me wrong. This is not a pathetic plea for attention but I do wonder why I am doing this. Is it for people to get to know me? An avenue to brag? Or just because I am lifeless that I spare more time on the PC?

I really need to find a purpose in Glog...


Darren said...

Hmm Glog, blogging should not be about getting comments alone, it should be about sharing your life with the world. And to get new friends.

My blog is not popular either, sometimes i get no comments but i don't care because that's me sharing my story.

Don't be down for a simple matter like this.

Juz my opinion. Hohoho.

Medie007 said...

at least u know me thru blogs. :P

hope things go well hun. ;)

Glog said...

Darren: Thanks... Felt encouraged... However, I don't have the link to your blog...

Medie: Hugs... Missed you.

Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

Oh come on. Blogging is not about receiving comments alone, it is about sharing what you know, what you experience and your life for everyone to know. Now, "sharing is caring" is the word here. Go on and blog. Don't give up on Glog's blogs, ok?