Thursday, January 24, 2008


Position: Heart Filler

Job Scope:

  1. Kisses in the morning.
  2. Phone calls in the middle of the night. (that doesn't mean none at all during the day
  3. Availability to bring me out whenever I want. (I have strict, dictators back home)
  4. Intimate moments dining at Alexis. (Venue can vary)
  5. Birthday cake on my birthday. (Its coming soon)
  6. Occasional Sugar Daddy (Spoil Me!)
  7. Bring lunch to my door step (Not McDonald's! I predict I would die of Arteriosclerosis before I reach 30)
  8. Feed me when I get hungry...
  9. Kiss me more...
  10. Whack my ass whenever I wash your dishes (I loved the whole Housewife scene)
  11. Suck up to all my whining. (Bla.. Bla.. Bla)
  12. Tease me but don't patronise me.
  13. Hug me all the time.
  14. Bring me jalan-jalan (But I don't need a leesh)
  15. Dry my tears when I cry.(Please use tissue, preferably, not toilet tissue)
  16. Nudge me on msn whenever you see me...
  17. Help me plan my days (I can't plan anything to save my life)
  18. Spend endless night in bed (Do what? Play one two Juz lor)
  19. Stare into my eyes and make me blush... (Shy di...)
  20. If you can do only few or none of the above...

Love me with all your heart... Oh and you have to surrender yours to me for keeps!

Any takers?

Sorry, just woke up from one of my dreams again...


Jason said...

OMG... that's so sweet but guys like that hard to find ler.

glog said...

I know...
Its like a dream but well, never give up...
Reach for the moon and fall among the stars...
Look at power couple Joery

savante said...

Whack your ass when you wash dishes?!

glog said...

Savante; Isn't it romantic???

Mr Rainbow Man said...

very idealistic! hey, u have almost the same naive ideas with me... that was when my heart got crushed...

but i'm sure things will work out for u... good luck

adrien said...

are resumes required for the application?

"look at the power couple joery"!? KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA. i have no idea why but the whole idea of idealizing them is just hilariously amusing! (kudos to you guys joery! lol)

glog said...

MR Rainbow man>>> Yeah, if i keep this up I will get hurt for sure... however practicality is not my strong point...

Adrien>>>Hmmm, well, maybe if I get to know you better, you should be the power couple!!!!

JoeRy said...

aiyer, why does it feel like you're describing me jek.

*tak tau malu blush


Jason said...

Ada orang perasan lah ni... :P

Joery said...


A.D.muzika said... specific one. Anyway, someday you will have someone to take care of you and probably will fulfill eiher 50%, 80% or 100% of the list you mentioned here.

All the best , di...big hugs

Jang, more lah ....for an ideal boyfriend. said...

21. empty the dishwasher in the morning.
22. Pay the phone bill without whinging
23. do the laundry
24. cook for the week.
25. When I say out of stamp, you go and get from 7-eleven without asking me some silly question like " So what shall I do?"
25. watering the plant when I am not free.
26: Record my favourite show for me if I dont get home on time.
27. If i finished the softdrink in the fridge, can you please kindly replace it without me asking again and again?
28. Park near the entrance of the shopping mall. If can't a the carpark near the entrance, drop me at the entrance and go find a carpark somewhere.
29. change my toothbrush every 2 months.
30. Toilet and tissue paper, you in charge. refill if they're finished.

Sam said...

Joery as the Power Couple! ROFL!

Every new blogger introduced to the scene always idolizes a power couple - it always happens. :)